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Project favors the safety area and protection of aquifers

    • Placement of biodigester will allow meeting these objectives
    • Aeris provided this equipment to the livestock farm in Alajuela


    Octubre,2017. The presence of fauna, especially birds, in the vicinity of an air terminal represents a risk for the transit of airplanes and the safety of passengers.

    So far this year, at the Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS), 10 wildlife impacts have been recorded with aircraft, of which two flights suffered damage to their operations. For the 2016 registrations, 31 collisions of this nature were recorded, six of them caused delays in the departures or approaches of the aircraft. During the past year and on board these aircraft more than 2 500 passengers.

    Precisely with the objective of reducing wildlife attraction factors and as part of the Aviation Hazard Management and Control policy, Aeris Costa Rica, provided a biodigester as the initial stage of a project that aims to reach several livestock fincas surrounding the Juan Santamaría International Airport .

    This contribution, in addition to reducing the bad odors that attract pet carriers and other residents or seasonal ones, will prevent the liquid and solid waste of up to 500 animals from these farms from being dumped in rivers, aquifers or soils.


    Area security and protection of water resources among the main benefits


    Main generators of the risk of wildlife presence at the airport

    This first installation is part of a revolving economic fund that will provide more biodigesters to other farms in the area: pigs, poultry and industrial slaughterhouses.

    The new equipment will improve the competitiveness and profitability of these activities through the use of technology for remnant control.

    “At Aerisestamos we are proud to promote a project that strengthens the airport’s operational safety, given the potential danger of impacts between birds and airplanes when taking off or landing. In addition, we are pleased to support the community, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life and the performance of their farms through technology and good practices in favor of the environment “, said Rafael Mencía, executive director of Aeris Holding Costa Rica.

    “This project is giving us many benefits, including gas that we will use on the same farm. We are very happy that Aeris has taken us into account to be the first to be part of a project that will also protect the environment. Neighbors like them and that look at those who “pulse” are the ones you have to have “, said Walter González, owner of Finca Los Tejares.

    Around the Juan Santamaría International Airport, more than 187 livestock and agricultural activities are developed, in which there are more than 16 open irrigation kymeters.

    Incidentes con fauna en el AIJS




    Impactos de fauna con aeronaves



    Afectaciones en las operaciones



    About Aeris Costa Rica

    AERIS HOLDING COSTA RICA is the interested manager in charge of providing the airport services of the Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS). As an airport administrator, he is responsible for the operation, administration, maintenance, rehabilitation, construction, financing and promotion of the main air terminal in and out of Costa Rica.

    Committed to overcoming the standards of the Interested Management Contract (CGI) and contributing to the country’s competitiveness through its operation and service efficiency, AERIS manages a leading airport in the region, with an approximate transit of more of 4.5 million passengers per year.

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