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Costa Rica hosts the most important event for airport leaders in Latin America

    • Airports Convention of Latin America and the Caribbean, ACI LAC -2017
    • Airport challenges of America and growth of air traffic are part of the issues.


    November, 2017. On November 8 and 9, the Airports Convention of Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) will be held for the first time in Costa Rica. Aeris Holding Costa Rica, interested manager of the Juan Santamaría International Airport, will host this annual Assembly of the region.


    SJO 2017 is the name of the Convention this year that will allow the participation of 270 airports from 32 countries.

    Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría

    Juan Santamaría International Airport

    “ACI LAC is the ideal platform to strengthen relationships between airport operators, governments, service providers and industry stakeholders. We are proud to celebrate the Convention for the first time in San José and are confident that Costa Rica provides the ideal space to discuss strategic issues of airport management “, assured Martín Eurnekián, president of ACI LAC and executive vice president Corporación América – Airports of Argentina.

    The member airports of ACI-LAC manage 95% of commercial air traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean, which represents more than 584 million passengers, 5.1 million tons of cargo and more than 8.7 million aircraft movements per year.


    This meeting of the airport industry will allow the development of dialogues on connectivity to new destinations, sustainable tourism and commercial trends; as well as the challenges of airport infrastructure for America and how public-private partnerships can contribute to meet these demands.


    “At the Juan Santamaría International Airport we are motivated to host healthy discussions in order to ensure the competitiveness of countries, strengthen ties and share good practices that ensure the passenger is the heart of the operation”, added Rafael Mencía, executive director of Aeris Holding Costa Rica.

    Other topics that will be analyzed during the two days of the convention have to do with the creation of a solid safety culture in airports and how technology comes to provide solutions


    to the experience of the passenger, to the handling of luggage, emergency response and to the profitability of airport management.


    About ACI-LAC

    ACI-LAC is the regional office of the International Airports Council (Airports Council International) that represents the interests of airport operators in Latin America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1991, the mission of ACI-LAC is to provide support for the airport system to be safe, stable, efficient and compatible with the environment. At present, ACI-LAC has 61 members that operate more than 260 airports in 33 countries of the region. Latin America and the Caribbean region.


    About Aeris Costa Rica

    AERIS HOLDING COSTA RICA is the interested manager in charge of providing the airport services of the Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS). As an airport administrator, he is responsible for the operation, administration, maintenance, rehabilitation, construction, financing and promotion of the main air terminal for entering and leaving Costa Rica.

    Committed to surpassing the standards of the Contract of the Interested Management (CGI) and contributing to the competitiveness of the country through its operation and efficiency of the service, AERIS manages a leading airport in the region, with an approximate transit of more than 4.5 million passengers

    For more information, contact Corporative Communication Ketchum 2296-2722 or 8301-2472 with: