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About Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, a bridge of culture and biodiversity between North and South America. Our country of only 51,100 square kilometers is one of the world`s countries with the most natural wealth. The large number of microclimates makes Costa Rica a colorful paradise.

    In addition, it is one of the safest in Latin America and according to the Global Peace Index is in position 34. That is, the second most peaceful country to live in Latin America.

    For more information about Costa Rica visit the official website of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute by clicking here.


    General facts about Costa Rica

    • Capital (and largest city): San José

    • Official language: Spanish

    • Demonym: Costa Rican

    • Government: Presidential constitutional republic

    • Area: 51.100 km² (129th)

    • Water: 0,7%

    • Borders: 516 km

    • Population: 4.700.000 (123rd)  (2013)

    • Density: 84,18/km² (117th)

    • HDI (2011): Growing 0,7446 (69th) – High

    • Currency: Costa Rican Colón (₡, CRC)

    • Time zone: UTC-6

    • Internet domain: .cr

    • Phone country code: +506