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Procedures and requirements

Procedures and requirements for departures

  • Pre-Flight Arrival at the Airport

    It is recommended that you arrive at the airport three hours prior to your flight’s departure.


    Your Passport

    Make sure you have a valid, unexpired passport.


    Departure Taxes

    You must pay a departure tax, currently US $29. This tax applies to both citizens and foreigners, minors and adults. It is important for the passenger to find out if the airline with which they are traveling has the departure tax included in the ticket price, if not the tax may be paid at the Bancrédito counter located in the lobby of the airport.

    In this link see a list of airlines including the tax in the ticket price.


    Luggage Weight

    Maximum luggage weight depends on the policies of each airline. Fees for excess or overweight baggage are also determined by the airline. If you have any questions, please check your airline’s baggage policies


    Boarding Gates

    Once you have checked in for your flight, follow the signs to your gate. Walking from the airline’s counter to the boarding gate takes approximately 10 minutes, depending on the lines at the security checkpoints.


    For your convenience

    At the Airport Police check points you will be asked to take off your shoes, it is recommended to wear an easily removed shoe. You must also remove any metal objects, including belt buckles, coins, and keys to be placed in a tray. Additionally, if you carry a laptop computer or other electronic devices, they must be removed from their case/bag, placed in a tray and sent through the x-ray.