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Procedures and requirements

Procedures and requirements for Arrivals

  • Exiting the Plane

    After exiting the aircraft, follow signs to Immigration.


    Immigration Form

    Airline personnel will provide you with this form on the airplane. It is important to complete each field and proceed to Immigration with your form properly filled out.


    Baggage Claim

    Claim your luggage at the baggage claim area. Each carrousel has a display with information regarding incoming flights. Look for your flight number on the carrousel’s display to locate the corresponding carrousel. 



    Proceed to Customs. Hand your Customs declaration form to an agent, who will check your luggage.


    Exiting the airport

    You will find stores, duty free shops, telecommunications services, automatic tellers and currency exchange desks at the baggage claim area. More information about rental cars, hotels, tours and transportation can be found here.